is it possible to go to the anime world ?

the answer is yes but !

There is a type of dream called an “Astral Projection” (or an Outer Body Experience). It is basically a form of lucid dream with a step higher in awareness, allowing you to create anything. But that is as long as you can recall its properties fairly accurately. You’re not actually having your soul to leave your body to go to this so-called “Astral Realm”, you are simply lucid dreaming with higher level of awareness. Though that is pretty hard itself if you do it for the first time.


Now to perform an Astral Projection, I would recommend you to practice lucid dreaming every time you sleep. That can be done by creating “dream journals” to record what you remember about your dream. Learning to lucid dream is optional, but it kind of makes astral projecting harder. It is also helpful if you meditate from time to time in the middle of the day. Again, it’s optional.

Now to start Astral projecting, you must be in deep relaxation. The best way to do this is wake yourself up in the middle of the night. This is so you are still tired and ensure that you are at the peak of relaxation. Wake up in the middle of midnight and go lay back down and relax.

Step two is to close your eyes, and try to reach the “hypnagogic state”, which is to reach the state where you are transitioning between sleepiness and wakefulness. Let your mind wander, focus on a body part until you visualise it. Once you reach the hypnogogic state, use your mind to move the body part you visualised, but not physically. What I mean is to visualise your hands moving, your toes curling, or your fingers clenching while you’re in the hypnogogic state. This is simply so you can get a deeper states of relaxation.

Next step is to “enter the state of vibration”. You might be thinking, ” What the hell is that?” Many report that your body feels like it’s vibrating when your “soul” is preparing to leave your physical body. Focus on controlling the vibrations with your willpower and such as they travel throughout your body. Once you can control the vibration (like the frequency and things), you are ready for the next step.

Next step is to imagine a rope, hanging above you. Without opening your eyes, visualise it. Now, grab the rope, again, not physically. Visualise yourself climbing the rope. You may feel dizzy at this point. This is a slow process so TAKE YOUR TIME climbing the rope until you feel yourself separate from your body, something like a pop. After you’ve done that. DON’T GET TOO EXCITED OR FREAK OUT, keep calm or else you’ll have to start all over. After doing all that, congratulations! You’ve achieved Astral Projection! Now go roam around and enter the Astral Realm also what is described as the “Astral Planes”. Now keep in mind Astral Projection is really hard to do first time, so practice until you properly do it.

With Astral Projection, you are free to do anything. From creating your favourite anime characters, to creating reality itself. I personally know people who have done this before. The method I showed you is just one of them. There are countless different methods, which you could all try to find which method works best for you. Now after all that, thanks for reading my long as hell essay about Astral Projection. Hope you all enjoyed, if you read it all the way here.

I’ll be talking next about how the “Multiverse” theory makes various anime worlds a reality, not some dream being dreamed about, so stay tuned. (WARNING: Quantum Mechanics, Astrophysics, and Einstein’s General Relativity Theory may be mentioned for those who hate science)