What is a VPN? Why Should I Use a VPN?

Whether you’re perpetually online or just an occasional internet user, you’ve probably come across the term “virtual private network,” or VPN. Over the last few years, it seems VPNs have skyrocketed in popularity, partly thanks to countless major tech YouTubers recommending the services. And while VPNs aren’t required for everyone, there are some key reasons most people could reap benefits from using a VPN service.

In the most basic terms, a VPN works by encrypting the data transmitted over your computer’s network connection. This encryption prevents others from deciphering the data being transmitted. Your encrypted internet traffic will then be routed through a protected server before it’s sent to the website you’re attempting to access. But how does this translate to your real life?

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Reasons you should consider using a VPN

For safe home network

While many believe their home Wi-Fi is inherently secure, vulnerabilities can expose devices and personal data to cyber threats, including unreliable neighbors attempting to access your Wi-Fi. Also, a VPN can protect your smart devices. For example, an unprotected camera is a treasure for a cybercriminal. Other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, like robot vacuum cleaners, doorbells, or appliances, can also be vulnerable if your home network is unprotected. Using a VPN at home or setting up a VPN on your router can make it much harder for attackers to steal your private information. Even if they target your device with MITM attacks, they won’t be able to access your online traffic.

 For a private and smooth connection

 Unprotected traffic may lay the breeding ground for potential hacking. A VPN makes it more difficult for hackers to intercept your online traffic and steal your sensitive data or identity. This is especially important if you conduct sensitive transactions or handle personal information at home. A VPN connection also acts as your digital shield against internet service providers monitoring your online activity. They sometimes log your browsing activities, so a VPN may help you protect yourself from eavesdropping. Additionally, ISPs may throttle specific types of traffic, such as video streaming or gaming, to prioritize other types of traffic. Therefore, using a VPN can help circumvent ISP traffic-based bandwidth throttling. What’s more, a VPN can work as an ad blocker, shielding against intrusive and annoying ads. This may help you speed up the loading times, reduce data consumption, and save your mobile data.

Prevent data/bandwidth throttling

Sometimes while browsing the internet, you may experience an unexplainable drop in speeds. A sudden drop in your internet speed can lead to buffering of your favorite show or cause an interruption while in an important Zoom meeting. This usually happens when your ISP starts throttling your bandwidth to manage network congestion. Throttling is sometimes implemented for certain websites and services, so if your internet provider can’t see your online activities then it may pass over throttling your connection – though, again, obfuscation may be helpful here.

Do I need a VPN on my phone?

Yes, a VPN on your phone can enhance phone security, ensuring secure browsing. Consider that mobile phones are frequently connected to public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, airports, and hotels. These Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured and can be exposed to cyberattacks, so you’re better off with a VPN.

If you’re looking for a good VPN Never rely on free VPNs because most of them monetize their activities by collecting and using your sensitive data for marketing purposes or selling to third parties.

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